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Welcome to Our Tye Dye Gallery -  we pride ourselves on the Quality and Creativity of Our Tye Dye Process because ours is Slightly Different than most conventional Tye Dye Houses which in turn gives our Product a Uniqueness that no other Tye Dye has.  Our Tye Dyes are Dyed with pigments that are environmentally friendly and  will soften and fade over time, giving the garment a subtle weathered look.  

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Popular Color Schemes Economy Tye Dyes Experiments & Custom Dyes
Charcoal & Navy Black & Navy Spiral Solid Gold Spiral Logan's Pride
Toxic Waste The Raiders Cotton Candy Experiment 237
Electric Lemonade Original Thermo Cline Forest Green & Black
Assault on 4th of July Fuchsia & Gold Spiral
Cotton Candy Sweet Home Alabama Fuchsia & Navy Zig Zag
Atomic Detonation Red & Yellow Spiral 3 Color Zig Zag
  Grape, Navy & Black Spiral   Rainbow  Stripe
Purple & Gold Spiral with B.H.L. Fuchsia Water Slide   Forest Green & Royal Spiral
Purple and Gold (LSU Dyes)      
Purple & Turquoise     4 Color " X "
Fuchsia, Navy & Royal ( L.S.) Fuchsia & Royal Spiral   Rainbow " V "
Almost Midnight PRG Waterslide   Black & Crimson " V "
Watermelon Spiral Irish Interpretation   Omega Spiral
  The Trippin Hippy ( L.S.)    
The Trippin Hippy with BHL Purple & Gold Spiral ( L.S.)   Pricing & Sizing Information
Tree Hugger- Brown      
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