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   Unique Pigment Dyed Apparel with a Soft Weathered Look.

We specialize in spiral tye dyes and solid pigment dyed products.  We take Pride in the Fact that the Quality and Creativity of Our Tye Dyes is unmatched because our dye process is different than most conventional tye dye houses, which in turn gives our products a uniqueness that no other tye dye has.  All of our tye dyes are 100% cotton,  preshrunk and dyed with pigments that will soften and fade over time, giving the garment a subtle weathered look unlike the fiber reactive dyes that most dye houses use.

Please note that our web site is currently under construction and The Posted Pricing and Patterns are outdated and may have changed.  Please contact us with specific questions.

Now Available Organic Cotton Tye Dyes. Exclusive New Product!

Our Tye Dyes when compared to other tye dyes on the market are very environmentally friendly and use 60% less water during the dye process.  Our pigments are earth based and free from toxic chemicals. 

We are Now Offering More Fiber Reactive Tye Dyes and More Products than Ever Before.

Hot New Tye Dyed Products...

  • Medical Scrubs
  • Polo Shirts
  • Burn Out T's
  • Boy Shorts
  • Pillow Cases
  • Bed Sheets
  • Organic T-Shirts

Also Available a Full Array of Ladies Tops and Bottoms from Casual to Super Sexy.


Boy Shorts -  (Bella Apparel)


   Basic Color Patterns:
  • Toxic Green
  • Atomic Yellow
  • Cotton Candy
  • Baby Blue
  • Super Grape

Cotton Candy Thongs & Matching Sets.  (1 Top & 1 Bottom)

Your Choice of Baby Doll T and Thong.  Or  Spaghetti Strap Shirt and Boy Shorts. Or Baby Doll and Boy Shorts...  You Get The Idea!



So the Dress Code says No T-Shirts on the Job.  Well we have a perfect solution. Custom Dyed Staff Shirts and Polos.

The Look and feel of Tye Dyed Apparel while Maintaining the Professional Corporate Style.

New Products for Fall 2011 & Beyond - Starting with Our New Tiger Dyed T-Shirts.  We start with a solid color t-shirts and add Black Contrast on one or two sides of the shirt.  Many Colors available - and this pattern is especially great for school colored apparel....

Crimson ][ Purple ][ Irish Green ][ Royal Blue ][ Athletic Heather ][ and Many More...  ask us for more information.






Ladies Sizes S - XL
• 2.2 oz. 55/45 cotton /poly • 1/2" set-in cover stitched neck, sleeves and bottom baby hem • Slim fit with extra body length

*Wholesale - These Shirts Start at $11.95 each.

Update - We Knew it was only a matter of time. 

It appears that American Apparel caught wind we were Tye Dyeing their Products and paid a company on the west coast ( I won't splatter any names ) to teach them how to do Tye Dye in house.  We sincerely hope they can tye dye better than they manufacture clothing.

If you would like American Apparel products, we are happy to produce a custom order for you, or you are welcome to provide your own garments for contract dying, however we will no longer offer their products here for sale.  From the beginning we have always disliked using their products, In our opinion just about everything they offer is the lowest possible quality and construction and billed out as High Quality Apparel.  As well we are not very fond of their business model which includes products manufactured by a large majority of illegal immigrants filling jobs that should be done by unemployed American laborers.  We have no issues with immigrants, just the ones who are here illegally not paying their fair share of taxes.

We Specialize in Custom Tye Dyed Products. 

  • T-Shirts
  • Long Sleeve T-Shirts
  • Thermal Long Sleeve Tees
  • Organic Cotton Shirts
  • Hemp T-Shirts
  • Sheets / Quilts
  • Shorts / Boy Shorts
  • Panties and Thongs
  • Baby Doll T-Shirts
  • Spaghetti Strap Shirts
  • Socks and
  • All Kinds of Cotton Based Items.

View Photos of Our Basic Tye Dye Patterns Here...


   Contact Us at 770-489-2213 for More Information or

E-Mail Us at

Check out the Largest Tye Dye we've ever done.  This Cotton/Polyester Table Cloth measures 24 foot x 8 foot and was dyed for a Thanksgiving Banquet Table Cover in  2009. 

Click Image for a Larger View.