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Native Dyes was started in 1999  as the Exclusive Contract Tye Dyer for Crazy Native Graphic Arts, inc. ( www.CrazyNative.com  A Professional Custom and Contract Screen Printer Located near Atlanta Georgia.   MiniTyeDye2.jpg (21385 bytes)

We developed and produced an exclusive line of 'Weathered' Pigment Tye Dyes now commonly known as 'Native Dyes'.  Back Then we really weren't a serious business, but after the initial success of the product line we realized we had something unique and valuable and the namesake stuck  and Native Dyes was born.

Since Then we've grown to include Contract Tye Dye Services to a variety of other screen printers across the nation.  Our Specialty being "Custom" Tye Dyes that other Tye Dye Houses simply don't have or offer as well as more unique tye dyes that are simply too expensive or time consuming for production dye houses to produce, like Our Double Dyes or Heathered Dyes.  While Other Dye Houses can Produce their own versions of these dyes, generally they are considered too costly for volume production.

If you are looking for a very unique tye dye for a new product line or even a family reunion get together, we have, or can design a wickedly cool tye dye for your needs!  Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and let us know what your looking for. We can get it done for you.

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       Ask Us about Our Custom Screen Printing Services or Visit us at www.CrazyNative.com