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     Tye Dyed Beach Towels. ( 30" x 60")


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If you Just Love Tye Dyes, and Are not stressing over a particular color pattern, We offer killer deals on assorted Dyed Stuff, give us a call....

   Custom Tye Dyed  Beach Towels.

2 Color Dyed Towels -

*we utilize 2 primary colors in the patterns color scheme sometimes these 2 colors mix to create secondary colors. ie. Yellows and Blues makes Greens.

3 Color Dyed Towels -

*we utilize 3 primary colors in the patterns color scheme these 3 colors mix to create many secondary colors . ie. Rainbow Dyes... Yellow, Blues & Fushia yeild the 'Rainbow, yellow, orange, pink, blues, greens,purples etc..

Posted Prices are Per Pattern:

Per Dozen (12) =  (2c)  $13.55 each  ][  (3C)  $14.65 each 

Per 1/2 Case (36) = (2c)  $11.95 each ][  (3C)  $13.15 each

Per Case (72) = (2C)  $10.55 each  ][  (3C)  $11.65 each

2 -10 Cases = (2C)  $ 8.95  ][  (3C)  $10.15 each

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